Monday, July 23, 2007

Microsoft Improves Privacy

First it was that announced it new strategy for privacy that will let their users search being completely anonymous and now its Microsoft that after winning some more search market share now announces a new Privacy strategy that will make their search history anonymous after 13 months of being recollected.

Peter Cullen, chief privacy strategist at Microsoft:
We have been thinking deeply about privacy related to search and online advertising and believe it is critical to evolve our privacy principles, We believe our enhanced principles should be part of the industry dialogue on this issue and that keeping these issues as simple as possible for consumers is the best approach. For instance, on search data, anonymous should mean anonymous.

Now that Microsoft has bigger market share they put more pressure on Google and its privacy policy that has been getting lots of criticism from people and it has even attracted government attention. This privacy thing is the new trend around search engines and its time to Google to react in order to keeps itself number one on the market and to avoid further problems or possible market share loss to the other competitors search engines that have now adopted this new privacy trend.

The question now is not if Google will react the question is when is it going to react.

[Full Microsoft Press Release ]

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