Monday, July 23, 2007

Apple To Charge You Five Dollar For Walking Into Their Store

I admit it, I'm a huge fan of Apple because of steve jobs way of doing things and he's history but this time I think they have just crossed that imaginary line that I have in my mind that makes me change the way I think of someone.

First it was this whole thing about the Iphone and them charging a termination fee even when you have paid the full price of the device plus attached yourself to A&T for two whole years. Like paying for something full price and not being able to do with it what you want isn't sufficient now they want to charge five dollars to people who want to come into the store and look at the macs and maybe use the Iphone demo units.

So this is just plain wrong and if they implement this I hope that the traffic of their stores go down so they could open their eyes and see how they are treating their costumers. I myself will not go to any apple store if they start charging this fee.

PS** BBspot is a parody site

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