Tuesday, July 24, 2007

146,000 or 500,000?

So is it 146k or 500k?

When the Iphone came out almost all apple stores where sold out by day three and some A&T store said the same. First sales predictions said that apple had sold around 500,000 Iphones in the first two days and it was just not one prediction but almost all analyst agreed but now things seem a little confusing.

Now A&T said in this quarterly report that in the first two days they activated 146,000 Iphones and that only 2 percent of the costumers had problems activating the phone. Apple stocks felt the consequences of the report dropping five percent.

So those this means that Apple only sold 146,000 units on its first two days falling extremely short of the 500,000 predictions?We have to wait until tomorrow to hear from Apple's financial report.

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