Tuesday, July 24, 2007

146,000 or 500,000?

So is it 146k or 500k?

When the Iphone came out almost all apple stores where sold out by day three and some A&T store said the same. First sales predictions said that apple had sold around 500,000 Iphones in the first two days and it was just not one prediction but almost all analyst agreed but now things seem a little confusing.

Now A&T said in this quarterly report that in the first two days they activated 146,000 Iphones and that only 2 percent of the costumers had problems activating the phone. Apple stocks felt the consequences of the report dropping five percent.

So those this means that Apple only sold 146,000 units on its first two days falling extremely short of the 500,000 predictions?We have to wait until tomorrow to hear from Apple's financial report.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Apple To Charge You Five Dollar For Walking Into Their Store

I admit it, I'm a huge fan of Apple because of steve jobs way of doing things and he's history but this time I think they have just crossed that imaginary line that I have in my mind that makes me change the way I think of someone.

First it was this whole thing about the Iphone and them charging a termination fee even when you have paid the full price of the device plus attached yourself to A&T for two whole years. Like paying for something full price and not being able to do with it what you want isn't sufficient now they want to charge five dollars to people who want to come into the store and look at the macs and maybe use the Iphone demo units.

So this is just plain wrong and if they implement this I hope that the traffic of their stores go down so they could open their eyes and see how they are treating their costumers. I myself will not go to any apple store if they start charging this fee.

PS** BBspot is a parody site

Microsoft Improves Privacy

First it was Ask.com that announced it new strategy for privacy that will let their users search being completely anonymous and now its Microsoft that after winning some more search market share now announces a new Privacy strategy that will make their search history anonymous after 13 months of being recollected.

Peter Cullen, chief privacy strategist at Microsoft:
We have been thinking deeply about privacy related to search and online advertising and believe it is critical to evolve our privacy principles, We believe our enhanced principles should be part of the industry dialogue on this issue and that keeping these issues as simple as possible for consumers is the best approach. For instance, on search data, anonymous should mean anonymous.

Now that Microsoft has bigger market share they put more pressure on Google and its privacy policy that has been getting lots of criticism from people and it has even attracted government attention. This privacy thing is the new trend around search engines and its time to Google to react in order to keeps itself number one on the market and to avoid further problems or possible market share loss to the other competitors search engines that have now adopted this new privacy trend.

The question now is not if Google will react the question is when is it going to react.

[Full Microsoft Press Release ]

Sunday, July 22, 2007

InviteShare.com: Now Everyone Can Feel Important

So I first heard of Inviteshare.com when TechCrunch announced that the they had bought the site for an undisclosed amount of cash and my first tough was that its system wasn't going to work. I tough that people will just get and invitation sign up for they were invited and then just forget to send invitations to other members of Inviteshare, but that hasn't been the case.

I registered one week ago and just browsed the site but dint request any invitations, two days later I requested an invitation to Pownce.com and I was thinking that id probably wasn't going to get it. Two days later it arrived at my e-mail with the link and the code to sign up for pownce, this shows that if the community can keep a balance its system should continue to work.

The navigation is great. To look for a site there's a list that show the sites that have had the most invites requests in order or you could either click a view all button that will show you all the current sites that are available for requesting an invite but they have yet to add some kind of categorization that could sort out the site based on what they are for and some kind of description because this days you can't just make out what the site if for by its name.

They also added a forum which is still pretty much inactive but I think they are doing pretty well with 17k users and is growing since TechCrunch bought it. They might need to change their systems if the new startups start to feel the pressure of the InviteShare community.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Google Backslash Starts !Now!

Can we say that we all knew that this day was coming? First all companies are bound to have bad times then we have seen Google number of employees grow like crazy year after year after year and we have also seen the number of companies googles buy grow every year.

But have we actually heard from them on their plans to make their reveneu grow? Have they justified the aquisiton of youtube? The only step that they have made to make youtube proffitable is the testing of small text string on some selected videos and so far we havent heard of the results of the test or any other plans. Then they have just spread them self to thin they have the search engine, google reader, google calendar etc etc..

So I think Google should stop their current plans to expand an just stabilize them self in their current state and wait for a substantial grow on their earning then do whatever the want. Anyhow we all now our internet overlord is going to overcome this.

** And the images is just how we think Google future looks :)

Ask.com To Offer New Privacy Tool

The guys that made our favorite advertising campaign earlier this year are now onto something again but this time we are not going to scratch our head over what it means. Ask.com has announced AskEraser a privacy tool that lets you choose if you want the to store data from your searches or if you want to remain an anonymous ghost.

Jim Lazone, Ask.com CEO:
AskEraser is a great solution for those looking for an additional level of privacy when they search online. Anonymous user data can be very useful to enhance search products for all users, and we’re committed to being open and transparent about how such information is used. But we also understand that there are some who are interested in new tools that will help protect their privacy further, and we will give them that control on Ask.com.

The only ones scratching their head now is Google thinking on how they are going to respond to this , I guess this is just a bad week for them.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Iphone Just Steps Away From Entering The Real World

The guys over at Iphone Dev Wiki have made another step into bringing the Iphone to a world where 3rd party apps could run on its fragile interior. According to a guy that goes buy the name of "Nightwatch" he has managed to compile and run the first independent "Hello World"application on the Jesus Phone.

So we should look forward to other people being able to run more complex application pretty soon.

**The Hacked iphone on the picture din't want he's identity revealed

The Wii Now Appeals To A New Market

See what I mean? Now the Wii appeals to all those people who like to bake their own cakes at home. Nintendo expects it sells to raise %20 after this top notch marketing move.

Facebook Acquires Parakey

'FaceBook has just bought the yet to laubch webbased OS "Parakey" details are yet to come out anofficial press release is yet to come out of facebook offices. Google was rumored to be the one that was going to buy them so that means that Facebook has outbid them :0 . Are these the signs that facebook is really becoming the next google?

I ask myself how will they integrate this new
acquisition to their current site or if they will do that at all. I think that this outbid that they just did to google will make more startups come to facebook now .

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