Sunday, July 22, 2007 Now Everyone Can Feel Important

So I first heard of when TechCrunch announced that the they had bought the site for an undisclosed amount of cash and my first tough was that its system wasn't going to work. I tough that people will just get and invitation sign up for they were invited and then just forget to send invitations to other members of Inviteshare, but that hasn't been the case.

I registered one week ago and just browsed the site but dint request any invitations, two days later I requested an invitation to and I was thinking that id probably wasn't going to get it. Two days later it arrived at my e-mail with the link and the code to sign up for pownce, this shows that if the community can keep a balance its system should continue to work.

The navigation is great. To look for a site there's a list that show the sites that have had the most invites requests in order or you could either click a view all button that will show you all the current sites that are available for requesting an invite but they have yet to add some kind of categorization that could sort out the site based on what they are for and some kind of description because this days you can't just make out what the site if for by its name.

They also added a forum which is still pretty much inactive but I think they are doing pretty well with 17k users and is growing since TechCrunch bought it. They might need to change their systems if the new startups start to feel the pressure of the InviteShare community.

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