Friday, July 20, 2007

Google Backslash Starts !Now!

Can we say that we all knew that this day was coming? First all companies are bound to have bad times then we have seen Google number of employees grow like crazy year after year after year and we have also seen the number of companies googles buy grow every year.

But have we actually heard from them on their plans to make their reveneu grow? Have they justified the aquisiton of youtube? The only step that they have made to make youtube proffitable is the testing of small text string on some selected videos and so far we havent heard of the results of the test or any other plans. Then they have just spread them self to thin they have the search engine, google reader, google calendar etc etc..

So I think Google should stop their current plans to expand an just stabilize them self in their current state and wait for a substantial grow on their earning then do whatever the want. Anyhow we all now our internet overlord is going to overcome this.

** And the images is just how we think Google future looks :)

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